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MyClosingTools.com Quality Lead Management supports your sales methodologies.

MyClosingTools.com lead management model captures, consolidates, refines, re-directs, reviews, and responds with results. It vitally supports and enhances your sales methodologies, web presence, advertising, and lead source investments.

MyClosingTools.com lead management integration was first developed for the highly kinetic property management industry. This powerful lead generator is flexible and applicable to any industry and it has been tooled for a variety of businesses.

Consolidate all your leads, implement systematic prospecting, and harvest your improved closing results.

Consolidate all website, Internet advertising, phone generated and lead sources into our lead management interface and watch your sales soar! We incorporate prospecting, with elegant, targeted email responders, goal setting, refined collateral presentation and database storage, client interaction, and metrics into your sales initiatives.

Our clients have more valuable time to better focus on their clients and customer service. You need never lose a lead again. Analytics are available in your choice of format 24/7.

80% of home buyers use the Internet to search for a home.

A survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors reports on January 24, 2007 that 80% of home buyers used the Internet in searching for a home in 2006; and that 24% of those buyers learned about the home they purchased from the Internet.

To discover how Spherexx.com can customize a lead management solution for your business, please visit our FAQs and contact us for a personal quote at 866-491-7500.

Our Experience Speaks Volumes

Awarded as one of the TOP 10 Most Dependable Web Design Firms by Goldline Research for 2007, Tulsa Oklahoma based Spherexx.com, with offices in Dallas and Houston, fuses marketing, branding and web technology to increase online presence and market share for their national clients. Specializing in the real estate industry, Spherexx.com is a full-service marketing & technology firm offering a wide selection of professional services including website design and development, touch-screen kiosks, marketing services (logo design, branding, marketing materials, video/multimedia production, 3D animation, copywriting), website and email hosting, remote backup storage, database solutions, search engine positioning and optimization, lead generation and tracking, sales integration, e-commerce solutions, hardware support, custom programming and affiliations with industry pioneers for online reservation and availability tools.

"Spherexx.com has accomplished more for our corporate image on the Internet in three months than we had previously completed in the last three years. All of our business is going to Spherexx.com!"Philip L. Perry, CEO Perry Reid Properties

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