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We deal with people who often do not use or have access to the Internet; how can MyClosingTools.com assist us?


Our lead management solutions are designed to support your staff by gathering and organizing information, generating required responses, and freeing them to become more effective in closing sales and providing customer service.

We equip your team with sales tools that augment their selling skills. Additionally, MyClosingTools.com provides digital priority mail formats that make elegant, hard copy communications easy to deliver.

We get many leads from lead sources, why would we need to gather leads into one interface? We harvest your valuable leads into an easily manageable format, equip your sales force with customized response tools, acknowledge your lead sources, and inherently outline your follow-up procedures. No lead is lost because the fax machine ran out of film or toner; or a voice mail was ignored or forgotten, or an email became buried in spam—or a sticky note lost its glue. Our lead management model preserves precious time for closing your leads rather than chasing them.
What other services do you provide with lead management? A. Our goal is to customize your lead steam into the optimum tool to fit your company’s unique initiatives. We can design a toolbox that will meet your special requirements. For detailed information, please REQUEST A QUOTE.
What is the cost? You can request a quote right HERE or you can call us at 866.491.7500. The green navigation bar at the top of this page has a button called “pricing” and this outlines everything you will need to know. You really can’t do without MyClosingTools.com and it’s affordable to fit into any budget. The annual cost of MyClosingTools.com is less than the cost of ONE lost lead.
I have a company website, why do I need MyClosingTools.com? Collecting, maintaining and consistently following up leads that come from many directions is often like catching leaves in the wind. You may find yourself trying to effectively follow up faxes and forwarded voicemails with little information regarding your prospect. You may find yourself logging into several different sites and/or computers to get your Internet traffic to compare your closing results. MyClosingTools.com brings all your lead sources into one location, one focus and one system. We equip you with tailored responses, brochures, and personalized follow-up systems created to maximize your marketability, save you time, increase your closing ratio and enhance your customer relations.
Q. We receive leads from our lead sources, and we call the prospect and tell them about our product. How does MyClosingTools.com differ from what we already have?

Ask yourself how many prospects didn’t get the right follow-up or timely follow-up, or were forgotten or overlooked altogether. MyClosingTools.com resolves the problem. By organizing all your leads in one place, it gives you custom designed email follow-up messages and reminders to follow up your leads. Also keep in mind that when your prospect contacts you through the Internet, it stands to reason that they prefer to be contacted via the Internet (through email). Perhaps they cannot, or do not want to initially accept a phone call or voice mail? Be prepared to meet them on their turf! MyClosingTools.com makes it easy for you to correspond via email, and you can even set reminders that will consistently help you complete your closing.

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