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Lead Stream Energizer

MyClosingTools.com synergizes your online lead stream, creating a sales momentum greater than the sum of its partsótransforming ALL your Internet advertising investment dollars into maximized returns. No lead is left unturned, deleted, or lost without accountability through MyClosingTools.comís streamlined capture and response consolidation.

Lead Designation with Calls to Action

Through effective lead assignment, MyClosingTools.com collects your Internet and telephone leads into a dynamic action plan. Calls to action are compiled with excellent customer relational tools that save time, build brand and increase client confidence and your credibility.

Online Prospect Interaction

Virtually all prospecting interaction can be done online through email marketing tools and quality product identification built into MyClosingTools.comís toolbox.

Priority Mail Option

For prospects that require hard copy correspondence, MyClosingTools.com provides targeted, priority mail formats with quality product identification at your finger tips.

Decrease Costs-Increase Closings

Increase your effectiveness, decrease your time investment. Quality relational tools and integrated, lead follow-up systems will consistently close the gap between your customerís first contact and the closing table. Transform your virtual office into a 24/7 service center with our beautifully crafted communication tools, and online client interface.

We are uniquely designed to:
  • Save you time
  • Support and enhance your multi-tasking systems and goal-setting
  • Improve your closing ratios
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Expand your area of influence 24/7
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